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Areas of activity
We know your business and activities.
We are a young and determined team, which members come from the 3 Regions of Belgium. Concordes® work at a human scale. We work closely and smoothly with our colleagues, favoring open communication and productive collaboration within teams and across teams – this increases our speed and efficiency in providing clients with the answers they need. Nothing is seen in isolation: we know that each project we undertake contributes to your business and to the building and strengthening of professional relationships.
We always develop strategies with our clients. That’s what we named ourselves “Concordes®”.
We assure your interests or your defense in all legal disputes before the Constitutional Court, or through alternative dispute (mediation, arbitration ...).

The members of our firm are involved as speakers or experts in numerous seminars.
Concordes® assist and represent professional associations, at various levels (regional, federal and European).

We offer our collaboration in French, Dutch, English, Spanish and Italian.
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Code of Ethics
Nothing is more important than your trust in us.

Our firm is deeply committed to the ethical values ??of the legal profession, especially, the confidentiality.

Concordes® has chosen not to be part of an international network or alliance. This independence enables us to develop privileged relationships on a non-exclusive basis with leading foreign-based law firms (France, Luxemburg, Spain and the Netherlands).

What does this mean to you? Expect to be treated with respect while receiving legal and strategic advice best adapted to your situation; as well as loyally made breakdowns of our costs and fees.

We are subject to professional rules, which text that can be found on www.barreaudebruxelles.be
TEL : +32 2 640 45 17 - FAX : +32 2 640 47 17 - info@concordes.be -
372, Avenue Louise - B-1050 Bruxelles - BELGIUM
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